Monday, December 15, 2008

Landry gets baptized by Doc

Another more important event happened this weekend. Landry was baptized. It was a fun day because he was baptized along with his friend, Lauren Nevil, by my dad on Hanging of the Green Sunday.
The Hanging of the Green is the kick off to the Christmas season at our church, LABC. It is a long standing tradition that I was a part of as a teenager and hopefully, someday my kids will get to be a part of. Yet again, one of the cool things about growing up in a church and continuing to serve and be a part of the same church as an adult is tradition and memories. I am proud to say that my roots are deep. We have a wonderful church home and I have worked hard to serve God here even when it was hard. I know that my kids are growing to love the Lord and that they see what it takes to be part of a church family. At least right now, my perseverance is paying off.

Landry invited 75 of his friends and family to his baptism and 50 came. Some who haven't been to church before, some who were looking for a church and some who we have been praying for. We took up the first 5 pews in a section that my friends roped off for us. (Perks)

I have to say, I am proud of him. Grinning from ear to ear, PROUD.

One down, one to go.

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Kristy said...

I remember being in the HOG with you. And I SO cried when Doc hugged Landry at the end. So sweet. Can't wait for my kids to experience the same thing. :)

Amy said...

Hey Tessa--Aunt Brenda gave me your blog info, I hope that's okay. :) What beautiful children you have, she so looks like you!! I enjoyed reading all about your fam-- you look beautiful and so happy!! XOXO Amy

Anonymous said...

Please email me as I do not have your email address at

Brad,Noelle & Cash said...
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Vickie Otts said...

Tessa, What a wonderful and precious memory. I remember each of my kids times and look forward to sharing the same ones with my grandkids. One thing that I did was mark the calendar day that each child prayed to accept Jesus as their personal saviour.It became their other birthday...their spiritul birthday. It was marked on the calendar and I tried every year to make a big deal about it ,so as to continually remind them of that time. I think it becomes ammunition for when the enemy attacks. Congratulations. Oh, by the way, the comment from brad and noelle was me. She was signed in to my computer and I didn't know. I thought it might confuse you to see this note and their names , so I deleted it and re-did it. Sorry.