Monday, September 10, 2007


I am flying on Sept. 11th. What kind of stupid am I.....Well, I am the kind of stupid that didn't bother to look at the calendar and recognize the date before I booked it. No wonder it only cost me 25,000 miles. I wonder if I will be one of only two people on board the plane? Me and one other dumb butt. I cannot imagine that anything like 911 would happen again, but you never do know what crazy terroristic peoples have planned in their pea sized hate filled minds. I think I will be using my time on the plane to pray for the families whose lives were impacted during that horrible disaster. This takes my mind off of me and onto someone more powerful than I am. I really hope there aren't any "eastern" looking people trying to fly anywhere tomorrow. Talk about racial profiling.

I will be flying to Salt Lake City, Utah where my fabulouso friend Allison will pick me up and drive me to Park City where she now lives with her family. I will be spending time hiking and shopping and doing yoga with my favorite workout partner. Allison and I used to work out every day in Corpus Christi. I think she will be disapointed in my lack of physicality lately, but I know she will be so happy to see me. Our cups will runneth over!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Morning Sleep in AHHHHHHHH!!

Sophie spent the night with her grammie last night and Clay took Landry to school and I slept in until 8:30. I got that OOHH AHH feeling! So nice to sleep in. So nice to sleep at all. Now I am going to walk my little pdoggies (puppydogs) and do some gardening. I think I will follow this with yoga, laundry, shower and then pick up the boy from school. What a loverly day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Handicap Sticker

I now have three friends and a mimi who have handicap stickers on their cars. I have to say that I am not jealous of their various handicaps which enable them to place said sticker in plain view and park in the FRONT ROW. I am, however, plotting to steal one from one of their dash rear view mirrors and walk with a limp. (A slight limp, Lita.) Tell me, do you think this is wrong?