Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Language Arts, Sorry No Farts

Landry says the funniest things.
He really does.
When he is trying to be funny he isn't, but when he is being sincere and says something off the wall. He is really humorous.
A couple of weeks ago, he came downstairs and told me he was sure he had "the Shrek throat." I am sure that it felt as bad as it sounded. Can you just imagine him opening his mouth and his throat being all green and swollen with puss pockets and a swamp stench?

I could. This is how my imagination works.

Of course he did have strep throat and since he is so sensitive to it, we only missed out on one day of life. I usually bribe my kids with a toy if they choose a shot over 10 days of medication. Normally I put a price limit on it, like $10 or $20 depending on the severity of the shot. This time, before I even mentioned it, Landry said, "Mom, I will get the shot if you will get me a $5 prize at Target." I agreed post haste. He was a little disappointed when we went to Target and he realized there is not much you can get for $5.

Bummer! Hee Hee.

This morning on the way to school we were talking about Sophie's nickname, which is Cricket. I started calling her this when she was about 2. Her little voice sounded like a cricket chirp. As she grew older her fascination with bugs has made the name stick. She always has a bug in a cage somewhere. She will stop in the middle of whatever she is doing to examine and capture any bug or lizard that comes her way.
While we were talking about this, Landry said, "Sophie, I think you are going to be an Enchiladas when you grow up." He voiced this so sincerely and complimentary. So, I tried not to laugh until he said, "Mom, what is and Enchiladaness anyway?"

I couldn't hold it anymore. I laughed from Arkansas lane to Steeplechase Dr. The word he was looking for was Entomologist. Entomology is the study of bugs. I am positive that we may be one of 5 people in Tarrant county that know what an Entomologist is. I am also positive that Landry may be the only person ever to confuse bugs with enchiladas. Well, I guess it depends on what country you live in!