Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hello DAAAAHlings

Helloooooo! Lita, I am switching my blog to this here free one! See, my other blog is costing me a whole $6 a month and well, we all know that with the raise in prices at Starbucks, I will need to save my money where ever I can. I am about to write a big ol letter to Mr. Bucks and let him know that only the post office can raise prices twice in 6 months. My Iced Venti 3 Splenda Green Tea was once $2.06. It was recently raised to $2.17 and is currently a very steep $2.27. I feel like the proverbial frog in the kettle. They slowly raise the price and let me get used to it so that I won't jump out. Well, I am about to jump all over them. Honestly, it only cost them three quaters of one penny to make the tea in the first place. The are making a hefty profit off of my addiction. I may have to make it at home and carry extra supplies everywhere I go. I need to get a big cooler and set it up in the back of the Expedition. Now that is an addict!