Monday, June 9, 2008

Landry is 7!

We had a smokin hot birthday party at Alley Cats on Friday. Landry had a few of his friends. They disco bowled, played laser tag and video games. It was a lot of fun. Each kid left with a real bowling pin as their party favor as well as whatever cool prizes they were able to purchase with tickets. Landry had a ball and the best thing about it was that I did not lift a finger. Everything was taken care of for me. I didn't even send out cool invitations. I sent the invites they gave me and it was just fine. Just fine indeed!
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Audrey Hepburn is FAT

This is the epitome of lazy! Audrey Hepburn, our "miniature" schnauzer is sitting her big self on her pillow eating her dinner. Seriously, is this Rome? Just look at her licking her chops! She is in hog heaven. What she doesn't know is that I am putting her on a diet. Audrey Hepburn is fat! I wonder if the real Audrey Hepburn was ever on a diet? I bet not. I also bet that no one, except me has ever uttered the words, "Audrey Hepburn pooped in the playroom." or "Audrey Hepburn just threw up and ate it." Or " I had to pull a dryer sheet out of Audrey Hepburn's butt last night." Maybe the first two, but I guarantee no one has said the last one! I can't even believe that I have said it!

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Jungle Girl kills with Love

This, my friends, is what happens when you leave a lizard in a bug catcher for God knows how long. Sophie found this unfortunate pet today in her playroom. He used to be a lovely shade of green. If I remember correctly, she caught him about two weeks ago. I remember this because he was missing the end of his tail and this one seems to have the same defining characteristic. I thought she would be sad when I told her that he wasn't sleeping, he was dead, but all she said was, "That's gross!" and promptly dumped him out on the sidewalk in the front yard.

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