Friday, September 19, 2008

Language Arts

On the way home from school, Landry asked me if I knew what an addiction was. I slowly and curiously answered, "yeeesss". He then asked me if I knew how to make an addition out of a book. I said, "I can see how that could happen." "Well," he said, " I have to make a book report everyday but before I do it, I have to make an addiction out of it." When we got home I looked at his folder and understood that he meant "prediction". He has to make a prediction about the book based on the cover. Funny funny!

Yesterday, we stopped at old faithful (Starbucks) to get the always craved for Venti Iced green tea with two Splendas. Landry had an apple cider. After a minute he said, "You know this isn't real apple cider." "It isn't?" I asked. "No, real apple cider has mashed up pieces of apple and is kind of like ice cream. We read about it in a book what was real. It had a table of consonants in it. So, that means it's real."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Landry Asks Jesus Into His Heart

This summer Landry made an exciting decision. He asked Jesus into his heart. He has talked to us about it for a year or two and we have always encouraged him to let us know when he is ready to make that decision. This year my mom took Landry and Sophie to the last couple of days of Children's Camp. On Thursday, he called me to ask if it was okay if he went down and talked to Mr. Don, our children's pastor, and let him know that he has asked Jesus into his heart and he wants to be baptized. Clay and I hightailed it up to Glen Rose (we were in San Antonio) to be there when he walked up the aisle. He was so sure and excited. It was really cool to be there and witness him making such an important choice on his own. We were blessed to have our very own Shea Jenkins counsel with Landry after he made is decision. When they came back to the gym, Shea said that he told Landry that it was cool to watch him do this because his parents and grandparents are part of why he is a Christian. I told him, likewise. His mom and dad played an integral role in my own Christianity. It is so fulfilling to be a part of a church for so long. To have roots so deep that I have no doubt why I am who I am. I am thankful to God that he has allowed me the opportunity to give this to my kids as well.

Soon, Landry will be baptized and we are having a big party afterwards to celebrate!
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Normal State of Living

I think I am finally getting back to normal. I no longer feel bad. I feel pretty well except for a little cough that I am sure is a virus of some sort. Because we all know it is not enough to detox! Seriously, I don't feel the really bad side effects any longer. The only thing I am contending with now is brain fog. I forget everything. I can have a list of all I need to do and forget the list or bring the list and still forget to do everything on the list. I do things like put refrigerated items in the pantry or spray deoderant on my hair instead of hairspray. I know that some of this is normal, but doing these kinds of things several times a day isn't normal and extremely frustrating. The muscles in my body ache and I am having a hard time sleeping and then waking up in the morning because I finally get into a deep sleep sometime around 5 or 6 am. Things are looking up, though and I have not gone back into a depression, which I was afraid of.

I tell you these things only to be open about it so that if anyone else is going through this they might read this and realize that these are actual symptoms of drug detox and not just craziness that they alone are feeling. I thought I was just acting crazy and then started reading info on the internet and realized that I was feeling typical withdrawl symptoms. It made me realize that I can battle this and not give up and get back on a drug that I didn't need. So, if this helps, then fabulous!!