Monday, March 21, 2011

Braggin on Myself

So this weekend I accomplished something that I am sure proud of... I painted Landry's bedroom. Not only did I paint his room but I did it without any spills, no mess ups, no crazy paint lines everywhere and very little paint in my eyes. I am so proud. I want to bring small tours of people in and show them each corner and all of the little areas where I cut the paint in. I am so talented and patient. Wow! I impress me very rarely so this one is NICE!

In other news I am the only person in my house not sick at the moment. I just stopped what I was doing to go wake Landry up and give him some cough medicine. Clay actually went to the doctor on Saturday without me telling him to. Sophie is at the tail end of her snotty nose and spends all day clearing her throat and occasionally hacking up a loogie. She's funny!

Speaking of funny, She came home today with her writing from school. There was a drawing of our Vet visit with Pepper last week. Her writing said this, " Me and my mom took Pepper to the Vet. She got too shots. one was on top of her neck. the other one was on the bottume of her neck. and she got bloud took out her leg. their was a thing that they put in her Butt. it got poop out it was desking. the end.

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Rhonda said...

I espcially appreciated the descriptive detail Sophie included in her writing!!! Funny!
Sorry you guys have been sick. Hope you're on the mend--