Friday, October 16, 2009

Never Ending Battery Blunders

When my kids were toddlers they were really into flashlights. Landry had several cartoon character flashlights that would run out of batteries so often that Clay finally bought him a nice rechargable one. Sophie never asked for a nice rechargeable one because it was plain black. Why have a black one when you can have Ariel or Cinderella or a hot pink and purple number? Know what I'm sayin'?

Sophie and I have purchased several flashlights in the past 6 years, whether we needed them or not. It seems at least once a month we would be walking through Target and she would spy a display of new flashlights hanging oh so unobtrusively in the toilet paper aisle, where they belong. I mean, how many times have you been sitting on the toilet and thought, you know I could use a Sleeping Beauty flashlight right about now? Anyway, I remember being enraptured myself by an Ariel flashlight with actual water and floating fish in it. It was a beauty. Of course we bought it. Who wouldn't?
This same flashlight turned up several weeks ago in need of batteries. I sat it on the counter in the laundry room and tried to remember to pick up size C batteries. After a couple of weeks I finally remembered the batteries! I got them home only to discover that this flashlight needs double A's, which of course, we are all out of. So, another couple of weeks go by with several trips to the grocery(and various other battery having) stores and I come home with no double A batteries. I walk into the house and the stupid flashlight is sitting there starring at me. Every couple of days Sophie sees it and asks about batteries until she finally says, "Are you ever going to get batteries for my Ariel flashlight? You go to the store all of the time!"

Snot butt!

Today I finally remember the double A batteries! I come home victorious, put them in, turn it on and.................nothing...................the bulb is burned out.

I think I am throwing it away. I will probably have to because I plan on runnimg it over with my car. I don't think it will work after that, battery or no battery!


JB said...

Remember you bought her the Ariel flashlight!

Give her a hug from her Plisco Aunt!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Are you like Norm from Cheers? Everytime you walk into Target does the staff yell "TESS"!!!

For some reason we have 6 zillion 9 volts - the all so popular battery - NOT! We use those 2x a year to change the smoke alarm - but other then that, they take up room where the AA and C's should go - but are still sitting on the store shelf.

Oh well...


Anonymous said...

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