Friday, March 20, 2009

Another installment of Language Arts and What is my Husband Teaching my Kid?

Pissification - the process that water takes from the ground to the clouds and back down as rain again. (Landry explained this to Sophie like a professor in the car. Soph, already knew all about pissification)

Showing your Privacy - not sitting in a lady like position. ("Sophie stop showing us your privacy.")

At the rodeo this last week I look down to see Clay and Uncle Chicken (cousin Scott) and Landry betting actual cash money on the chuck wagon races. Landry lost. You think he would learn his lesson? NOPE

Tonight, after I peeked in to say goodnight to Lands while he and dad where reading those aren't books...those are cards.

"What are ya'll doing?"
"We're playing a game where the first person to get to 200 wins 5 bucks."
"What are you teaching my son?"

"Uh, to uh, play cards for uh, money.?" sheepish grin.

So, where do boys learn this stuff, uh from, uh their uh, DADS!


Chrystal Sturm said...

You made me laugh so hard I pissificated. Not really but I REALLY wanted to use the word in my comment.

ADDITIONALLY, I just read your very sweet profile update regarding all the horses.

So awesome.

Love you!

Amanda said...

LOVE It! Pissification... Reminds me of the time ( 5 years ago) when Conner explained to Cole what Tampons were used for... "mommies wipe with them, then wrap them up with toilet paper and throw them away... duh..."

Nana said...

ahahahah! excellent! ah uh... yeah