Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Language arts and Farts!

Here I am with another installation of Language Arts: Yesterday, the kids and I went to my moms house to have fajitas for dinner. Landry walked in and asked my mom if he could see the "Fohobos" we were having for dinner. He was serious, then he was embarrassed. It's funny that he gets embarrassed when I tell stories about him. Nobody needs to let him know about this blog!

Ok, Farts...after reading this please see my Kevin's latest posting about farts at www.nextgendads.com .

Sophie and Clay were wrestling on the floor in the living room. She was giggling and having so much fun as he was playing with her. Suddenly, she stopped and said, "Dad you need to go to the potty and poop. You tooted and your bottom smells like poop." Followed by peels of laughter.

Funny kids!

P.S. If you are offended by potty humor you have no business reading my blog! :)

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Kevin Sturm said...

Farts are funny...I rest my case.