Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Updates and Correction to Previous Post

Chrystal told me that Kevin spent 3 hours fixing my blog. I figured that since he is a techno junkie genius boy wonder it would have only taken him 10 minutes to redo my blog. Since it has already taken me 12- 16 hours, several headaches and many curse words later and I still do not know how to change a dang thing on the blog. A friend of mine has music on her blog. I am good to get the pictures up. Some people have it and some people don't!

Okay, next...I forgot to say a few things on my death blog. I do want my fam to donate whatever is usable on me to whomever needs it. I have taken some pretty good care of my stuff. Someone deserves to live with my goods after I am gone. The Sturms both said this in their comments and I was really talking about what happens after all that stuff. I meant to give direction to what is to be done with my shell after the harvesting my what nots. Someone should take my eyes. They are 20/20 I have never had a problem with them and I eat carrots. Wouldn't it be funny for someone to get an eye donation and have one brown and one blue. Come to think of it I have two friends with one brown and one blue eye. Maybe they should trade each other.


Kevin Sturm said...

Actually it took me about 30 minutes to actually redo the blog itself. I looked for about 1.5 hours for a polka-dot background on the Internet. I chose one, but Chrystal hated it. I then chose a plaid layout that looked very Burberryish. Chrystal hated that, too.

Then I spent about 30 minutes creating your custom polka-dot background only to realize I did my math on the pattern wrong. So I quickly re-did it and then implemented it.

So half of my time was spent fruitlessly surfing in vain for a background which I could have avoided by just creating a custom background in 30 minutes.

Chrystal Sturm said...

How cute is he?!

Anonymous said...

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