Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Name Game is Over

Mianna Leta Marie Sturm. This is my baby girl niece's new name. They will call her Mia and I will call her Mialeta. She screached for me again last night. I am begining to think that she may be a little high mantainence with a scream like that. It is very demanding. I remember thinking that Sophie sounded like a goose that was being stepped on when she cried. Landry just sounded like a baby, but he would always lift his little head and stretch out his neck and purse his lips and he looked like a baby bird. Babies are so fun!


Chrystal Sturm said...

Oh, MiaLetaLita....she loves her Sweetie Litee! Her screatch is so freaking awesome. She keeps asking me to remind her when you are coming because she's so excited. We're going to do tea and stuff. Can't wait! Love you and love you for posting about baby sister.

Kevin Sturm said...

Okay...minor layout changes. Wider blog format and header is centered.

I'll work on the polka dots a bit later. I didn't like what I had so went back to normal.