Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, April 7th Cool Day in History!

Today is such a cool day! My BFF Chrystalita con Arroz y Pollo de la Sol (Chrystal Sturm) is delivering her precious baby girl in Santa Barbara, CA. She still won't tell me her name. I have tried every trick in the book for the last several months and she has resisted. She did tell me that it may start with the letter "C". So I only assume that it will be Contessa. I am sure that she will name this child after me if she expects her to grow in grace and beauty, if you know what I mean. I so wish I could be there for the unveiling of my precious friends precious baby. I can't wait to meet her.

The second reason for coolness of this day is my precious friend Jessica Kaylor will be flying home from San Deigo. Jessa has been in San Diego for the past month with a ton of complications stemming from some very nasty cancer invaders. Evidentally, while she thought she was on vacation, God actually placed her there to meet a doctor who had the ability to rid her of the invaders. I am positive that she will come home and begin the road to recovery and remission.

So, today I am blogging my prayer to my Lord, the one and only God. The only true power that I have found in this world.

Powerful, Wonderful, Loving God,

My friends and I are experiencing great joy today. I ask you to surround them with people who are filled with your loving kindness. People who plan their lives according to your will and your plans. I ask you to keep them safe. To bring Chrystal's baby girl into this world without complications. I ask you for a healthy baby and mommy, for a comfortable delivery and recovery, for a calm spirit for Kevin and Brody and all of their family and friends. Please bring her friends who can help her in the next few months. Thank you for such fun things as babies.
For Jessica, I am asking you to calm any anxiousness she may be having. Fill them with your peace and smooth the airways between California and Texas. Give her friends and family the diserning spirit to know when to back off of their helpfulness and when to bring it full force. God, please bring her here and fulfill your prophecy to me. Heal her, Lord, we are done with this challenge and we need a break. Move her legs and give her the strength to learn to walk and run again. We love her, God and we know you do too. Pick her up, heal her and let her remain with us here on earth in a healthy, strong body.

I love you and depend on you. You are my God!


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