Monday, October 15, 2007

Take Cover

This morning we are experiencing torrential downpours here in North Texas. There has been lots of thunder, lightening and flash flooding. On our way to school we listened to the weather reports and the DJ said that the Fort Worth Fire Dept. had already reported three house fires. These fires, they believed, were started by lightening. The DJ warned us to be careful. At first, I thought, "yes, she's right we should be careful." Then I realized what on earth can I possibly do to prepare my house for random lightening strikes. I guess I can't pick up the mail while holding a big metal pole. I often do this. I just like to test my luck but, if the lightening is serious enough to warrant a warning from the knowledgeable DJ, I think I will leave my big pole in the house today. Better yet, since houses are obviously being targeted by random lightening today I think Sophie and I should go to the mall and stay there. You never hear of malls being struck by lightening. Come to think of it you don't hear of anything bad happening to malls. No one bombs malls. Malls do not usually get tornadoed or hurricaned. That settles it! We are going to the mall. See ya there!


Jessica Kaylor said...

Okay, you are hereby banned from using LIGHT aqua ink on your blog.
Love you!

Tessa said...

Point taken! It's such a pretty color though!