Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Master

I picked up Sophie and her precious little friend Jaye Caroline at school. As soon as we got in the car they had an interesting story to tell me about their adventures that day. Well, Sophie did, Jaye is a quiet, observing little girl. She rarely says anything to adults. She just stares and possibly shakes her head, but on this day while Sophie told the story, Jaye sat there wide eyed and chimed in every couple of seconds. Here's the story...

Sophie, "There was a mouse on the playground today, it was sleeping.'
Jaye, "It had ants on it."
Sophie, "Well, it wasn't really sleeping it was kind of sleeping."
Jaye, "It had ants on it."
Sophie, "Well, it was really pretty dead."
Jaye, "It had ants on it."
Sophie, "Everyone was touching it except me and Jaye."
Jaye, "It had ants on it."
Sophie, "Ya it had ants on it so we didn't touch it, but the master came and got it and took it inside so we didn't see it again."
Jaye, "It had ants on it."

Me, "Who is the master?"
Sophie, "The master is a guy who goes to my church school. He comes and talks to us about books and stuff. He is kinda like Doc."
Me, "Oh, the pastor."
Sophie, " Mrs. Kathleen calls him the master."

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Chrystal Sturm said...

Crying in my watermelon right now. So funny. I actually thought, "Master? What sort of school does she have her in?!"