Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Flu Shots and More Language Arts

Landry and Sophie had some follow up doctor's visits today and at the end we all got flu shots. Last year we did not get flu shots and I will not do that again, no matter how much my kids protest. Luckily, this year Landry was able to get the flu mist. This you inhale up your nose and it is not at all painful. I could have opted for the mist myself, but poor Sophie isn't old enough so if she was brave enough to get a shot so was I! It hurt though. The nurse told me to relax and I just looked at her and said, "ya, right." I am about to poke a needle in your arm and push some stinging liquid into your muscle. Just think of the beach and the sound of the WAAAAAVVEEEESSSSSS! Anyway, we all came through it beautifully and since it was too late to take the kids back to school and they deserved a prize, we went to Alley Cats. It was awesome! We were the only people there. It wasn't noisey. I new where my kids were at all times. I bought them each a ten dollar card and it lasted almost an hour. They walked away with about 2500 points and several treasures that I am sure I will throw away in the next couple of weeks.

As we were leaving Landry started to ask about homeless people who have to eat out of the trash can. He said, " you know mom like the poohos." It took me a minute to realize that he meant hobos. Poohos. Fabulous!


Jessica Kaylor said...

Shots are so yucky! And, I cannot force myself to sugar coat it with the girls. They always ask if it will hurt. I say, "heck yes! but, then it is over." I guess that is a lie though because sometimes they hurt for a long while after... But, THEN it's over.

Tessa said...

This is why I do prizes. I guess I feel horrible and need to buy back their love.