Thursday, September 4, 2008

Normal State of Living

I think I am finally getting back to normal. I no longer feel bad. I feel pretty well except for a little cough that I am sure is a virus of some sort. Because we all know it is not enough to detox! Seriously, I don't feel the really bad side effects any longer. The only thing I am contending with now is brain fog. I forget everything. I can have a list of all I need to do and forget the list or bring the list and still forget to do everything on the list. I do things like put refrigerated items in the pantry or spray deoderant on my hair instead of hairspray. I know that some of this is normal, but doing these kinds of things several times a day isn't normal and extremely frustrating. The muscles in my body ache and I am having a hard time sleeping and then waking up in the morning because I finally get into a deep sleep sometime around 5 or 6 am. Things are looking up, though and I have not gone back into a depression, which I was afraid of.

I tell you these things only to be open about it so that if anyone else is going through this they might read this and realize that these are actual symptoms of drug detox and not just craziness that they alone are feeling. I thought I was just acting crazy and then started reading info on the internet and realized that I was feeling typical withdrawl symptoms. It made me realize that I can battle this and not give up and get back on a drug that I didn't need. So, if this helps, then fabulous!!


Natalie said...

glad to hear you are doing better! maybe a yoga class or two would help with some of the brain fog and the muscles.

Chrystal Sturm said...

I've never understood forgetfullness until making babies. Not sure if your meds were making you remember better or how that works exactly but for the first time in my life I can relate to forgetfulness. I used to make fun of people who couldn't remember things - especially my dear, sweet senile mother. Now I get it, man. I hate it. I feel for you if your brain fog is extra thick. I hate it.

On the upside. At least we'll be crazy old bittys together.

bshenry said...

I know I'm a couple months late, have no idea how much I can relate! It's been awhile, but going off a similar drug was pure hell for me, and I was treated like I was addicted to crack or something when all I did was what I was told. Actually, they said the detox is similar. I was stupid and stubborn at the time...and (that's my excuse) and went off of something cold turkey. I suffered for a YEAR. Have you ever read about "brain zaps" caused by going off these meds? I had them...along with every physical symptom you can imagine. Google "Effexor" withdrawal. The results alone will give you nightmares.