Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonderful Money Making Idea

Hello, Workout girl here coming at you live from exercise central where we are skinny and out of breath all of the time, but damn we look good!

As I was clearing my mind in the warrior pose today, I was struck with a fabulous idea. See, other people clear their minds during yoga. Mine, is busy concentrating on anything but coming out of the pose. I try very hard to focus on something besides the fact that my thigh is burning and I am about to collapse. It is easier when I am in an actual class with other people. I compete with those around me. I see them gracefully holding the pose for 3 1/2 hours with a look of peace on their face and by dog if they can do it, so can I!!!!! I want them to break first. I stand there willing them to fall down so I can win! But at home, it is just me. Me has a way of talking me into resting a lot. Me gets tired easily. Me has many excuses for me. So, I think on other things and today...Eureka...I may have found a gold mine! it is...I would like someone to start printing magazine articles on toilet paper. TaDaaaa! Isn't that fantastic! The low down is this:

1. everyone reads on the toilet, some more than others.
2. everyone wipes their hiney
3. this is very earth friendly
4. we would be recycling
5. magazines and books would no longer be "tagged" because they were used in the restroom
6. germs would be flushed down the toilet
7. we could have wider toilet paper, this may be nice on occasion

Ok, someone go ahead and invent it. Send me some royalties. Maybe I should get a patent and be on that Inventor reality show.

What do you think?


Elaine A. said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. Although sometimes I like to refer back to my reading. Guess I couldn't do that anymore!

Came over from Natalie's blog - nice to "meet" you! I like your humor and your style!

David Dickey said...

that would be so weird...wiping your ass with someone's face.
(sorry, Oprah...need to wipe now!) the right context, it could be therapeutic. I mean, how many times have you told someone to kiss you ass? Possible now, with the right picture.

I'm in!