Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day One, Back on the Wagon

OK, Many of you know that on Christmas Eve a very dear friend whom I haven't seen in a while asked me if I was expecting. To which I replied..."NO YOU BEEEEEEEEEEEP, BEEEEEP, BEEEEEP, BEEEEP, YOU DON'T SAY THAT TO PEOPLE WHAT KIND OF BLEEEP, BLEEP, BLEEEPITY BLEEEP ARE YOU?????

That's what I wanted to say instead as my ego slowly deflated before my eyes I said told them politely that I was just overweight blah, blah, blah. I turned to find my husband and told him that I wanted to go home post haste. I had a baby to feed!

We had a Merry Freaking Christmas that evening. I ate my weight in pecan pralines as I opened presents filled with clothes that I wasn't about to try on.

Seriously people, I understand that many of you did not know me before I had Sophie. So you would not think that I looked pregnant. Sadly, this is the size and shape that I am when I am 5 months along.

Needless to say, I started a fearce workout the following day. I did cardio or yoga for 30 min each morning and my Slim in Six video each afternoon. I also joined Jenny Craig. I lost 7 lbs after about 4 1/2 weeks. Then I got sick, really sick. I still worked out while I was sick but only once a day and at a very low intensity. The next week we went to Jamaica and I worked out 2 times. Then as soon as we got home I became really sick again. I could barely walk up the stairs much less exercise and the only thing I wanted to eat was powdered sugar donuts. They are very nutritious.

So, it has been three weeks since I have really exercised and I started over today. You will be happy to know that I have kept off the 7 lbs., but my tummy remains large and rounded. I am commited to once and for all get back to my fighting weight. Once I am there, I dare you to ask me if I am expecting. You can expect a swift kick in the head!


Natalie Dickey said...

Some people just have a lot of nerve! You don't ask that unless you can actually see the baby coming out! I have lost 30 lbs and someone asked me the other day if I was having another one (while I was holding my 8 month old!). Come on people!!!! And for what it is worth...I would pay good money for that body of yours! :-)

Chrystal Sturm said...

Who was the BLEEPITY BLEEPER who asked that question? I'm going to egg her car! Know what's also horrifying? Being asked, "Your pregnant?" when your in your 5th trimester and your belly is as big and round as a beach ball. It's like, "Pregnant? No...this is my natural shape." or "'s a tumor." What the hell? I guess they're trying to be safe and not assume anything but let's all agree that there is a point when it's ok to assume that a woman is pregnant. Or is there? Could I possibly just look fat at this point?! I'm going to post a pic - you tell me.

And stop feeling sorry for your skinny butt b/c none of us big girls do!! ;) Fatty.

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