Sunday, January 13, 2008

Talent Show is Over!!

Talent Show is over, Talent show is over, talent show is over!!!!! Yeaaaaaah, Yeehaaaw, WoooHoooo! As you may know, this year Landry and 4 friends did a "dance" to Ghostbusters for our 2008 Wood Cruise Line Talent Show. We had 5, 2nd grade boys all decked out in Ghostbusters outfits complete with Protonpacks and Guns who did a dance choreographed by the moms that included a chair routine, fog machines, and a light that projects ghosts swirling around the stage and if that was not enough we also had a bigger than life size Staypuft Marshmallow man who made an appearance on stage only to be shot to death. The part of the marshmallow man was played by non other than my brave and selfless husband. The part of dresser of the marshmallow man was played by me, so neither one of us got to see the actual performance, but as soon as we get the DVD I will put it on the blog. I may actually blog more since I will have more time now. We'll see!

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