Saturday, August 18, 2007

Near Death Experiences

I nearly pruned my thumb off this evening while I was dead heading my new Knock Out rose bushes. Seriously, I was holding a spent bloom in position to cut it off and I somehow sliced into my thumb straight to the bone! I felt it hit the bone. GROSS! It bled like a stuck pig!
I very calmly dropped all of my stuff and walked into the house where I made the rational decision to wash it in the laundry room sink, so as not to spoil the kitchen sink with blood. I ran it under the cold water for a minute or two and then pressed a clean paper towel on the cut for a few minutes. It stopped bleeding. It doesn't even hurt. It's funny because I really thought we were headed for the emergency room again. I mean straight to the bone. How do you cut yourself like this and it doesn't even hurt. Hey, maybe I'm the Cheerleader!!!!! Save the gardener, save the world!

Oh, red, you get it?

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